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Power School

Hi folks - Since we're heading into a new era as far as information systems are concerned,
it was suggested that a definition of terms would be helpful.   So we're all speaking the
same language and have a clear, common understanding, here's a short list of terms
that you'll hear regularly used this year. 




The new web based student information system currently in use at Midlakes.  PowerSchool rolled 4 separate systems into one and created common operations between the buildings.



The area of Powerschool where teachers login.  This is where attendance will be taken on-line, on a daily basis.  This also provides complete on-line information on schedules, students, attendance and grades.


An electronic gradebook which is installed on all MS & HS teacher laptops.  This allows a teacher to do grades wherever they use their laptop and the results will synchronize back to PowerSchool when the teacher next attaches to the school network

Parent Connect

The area of Powerschool where parents can login, when they are given access.  This provides information on student assignments, grades and attendance, as well as fostering communication electronically.

Student Access

The area of Powerschool where students can login, when they are given access, receiving the same information as their parents do.

Connect Ed

The new outbound communication system at Midlakes, set for implementation this fall.  Teachers and administrators can record phone messages for designated groups of parents and students, then the system will dial their number(s) and leave the message.  The system also works for outbound e-mail communication.


The method being used to connect various school systems together, so that information is passed electronically, without the need to re-enter it manually.   SIF is in the process of being implemented.

Local Data Warehouse

The database at Midlakes where student information and performance is starting to be aggregated.

NYS Data Warehouse

The database where all Districts are now required to submit student information and performance, in a common, mandated format.  The resulting student performance information is becoming available on-line this fall.