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1. Mythbusters Mishap!

Read the article and watch the clip about a Mythbusters mishap. Luckily, no one was hurt.



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2. Albino Seal- cute

This article is about an abandoned rare albino seal. It is very cute/ugly.  Enjoy the article and the pictures.



posted 12/8/2011 8:44 AM | comment | view comments (5)

3. World's Biggest Bug

Eww....creepy crawly story!

Remember, do not use the words "cool" or "awesome".



posted 12/7/2011 8:51 AM | comment | view comments (3)

4. Video of Pile Up- Must Read Article First

Here is the video of the pile up. It doesn' have as much information as the article so please read the article first.


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5. Sports Cars Crash

This article is about a horrible crash in Japan. Sports car enthusiasts will squirm at the damage. I am putting up a second video link so you can see the footage. Please look at both if you get a chance.



posted 12/6/2011 7:47 AM | comment | view comments (1)

6. Oskar the Blind Kitten


Make sure you read all the way to the bottom to find the youtube video and how to friend him on Facebook.


Enjoy and have a great weekend.


Ms. Robinson

posted 12/2/2011 9:12 AM | comment | view comments (4)

7. Mona Lisa's Extra Smiles



posted 12/1/2011 9:30 AM | comment | view comments (11)

8. Wonder Wolf


What are your reactions to this article?

posted 11/28/2011 2:05 PM | comment | view comments (12)