High School Pupil Support Office

  • Mailing Address: Midlakes Middle/High School Pupil Support Office, 1554 State Route 488, Clifton Springs, NY 14432, phone: (315) 548-6310, fax: (315) 548-6309.

    High School Counselors: Krystina Brooks (last names A-F); Kristin Brunetto (last names G-O); Chris Tillman (last names P-Z)

    Middle School Counselor: Stacey Allen

    About The Pupil Support Office 

    The Pupil Support Office at Midlakes High School is student-centered in nature. In working with a student and family to select the most appropriate educational program, our primary concern is the optimum development of the whole student.

    As students work to realize their full potential and goals, many factors are taken into consideration when suggesting an educational program. Paramount among those factors are student aspirations, objectives, and abilities.

    Counselor recommendations take all of these factors into consideration, but the student and family have the final say on which courses are pursued. This is a philosophical concept endorsed by the administration and the Pupil Support Office.

    This course catalog is designed to provide families with all the information needed to make informed, well-planned decisions about high school courses. Courses are presented in order of chronological sequence within the content. Electives, or other courses without a specific chronological sequence, are presented alphabetically (following sequenced courses, if applicable).

    The brief descriptions following each course title provide a general idea of basic content or topics. Contact the appropriate school counselor or the instructor if more information is needed.

    Be sure to consider all four years of high school in an effort to maximize opportunities. Time used selecting the best courses for the individual student will be time well spent. Feel free to contact the Pupil Support Office at (315) 548-6310 with any questions or to set-up a meeting to discuss course options.