District Mission & Vision

  • Vision

    To create a community of learners and leaders who demonstrate the 21st-century skills necessary to compete and thrive in a global society.


    The Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District will enable students to demonstrate college and career readiness by displaying:

    Strong Moral Character: Our students will display compassion and respect for others. Students will be confident yet humble in their approach. When faced with a choice, students will make responsible decisions.

    Critical Thinking Skills: Our students will demonstrate the ability to solve complex problems and to do so by remaining open-minded to all possible outcomes. 

    Perseverance: Our students will proactively demonstrate an ability to put forth the extra effort in order to accomplish tasks. With a focus on both short and long term goals, students will demonstrate the ability to work hard, build stamina, and ultimately attain goals.

    Cultural Awareness: Our students will be mindful of cultural differences based on the ever-evolving global community. Our students will be culturally sensitive and collaborate with a diverse population. 

    Innovation: Our students will demonstrate an ability to take calculated risks, be creative, and not be fearful of showing vulnerability. 

    2021-2022 Board Goals

    The following Board Goals were established for the 2021-2022 school year and adopted by the Board of Education:

    1. Explore and create opportunities for student engagement with the Board of Education through:
      1. Encouraging regular student participation in presentations led by school personnel given to the Board.
      2. Exploring the steps necessary to having a student liaison position to the Board.
      3. Establishing ways for the Board to gain insight on the student experience directly from students.
      4. Widening the opportunities for the Board to celebrate student successes.
    1. Support and engage with the implementation of the strategic plan through:
      1. Becoming familiar with the plan.
      2. Staying informed through presentations given to the Board and providing feedback.
      3. Ensuring resources are in place to support the efforts resulting from the plan.
    1. Continue to work on Board processes including:
      1. Piloting Board self-evaluation at a mid-school year Board retreat.
      2. Completing the Board Handbook and establishing protocols for its use.
      3. Establishing internal Board committees and roles.
    1. Engage with the Midlakes community and increase awareness about Board and District efforts through:
      1. Ensuring progress on the Strategic Plan and Capital Project is communicated.
      2. Formalizing and popularizing process for gathering feedback on Board issues and initiatives.
      3. Ensuring Board presence at major school functions.

    2019-2020 Board Goals

    The following Board Goals were established for the 2019-2020 school year and adopted by the Board of Education:

    1. Explore opportunities for student engagement with the Board of Education through invitations to groups, communication with district administrators or other means. 
    2. Engage in strategic planning by selecting and partnering with a consultant who will guide the school district through the process.
    3. Explore and educate ourselves about board self-evaluations by reviewing exemplars and determining if we will complete an evaluation during the 2020-2021 school year.
    4. Increase community awareness about capital project progress using the website, community forums, Board meetings and/or written communication (Midlakes Journal).

    2018-2019 Board Goals

    The following Board Goals were established for the 2018-2019 school year and adopted by the Board of Education.

    1. Educate ourselves on strategic plan development through a presentation at a board retreat (to be held in January)

    2. Create a Board Handbook to include but not limited to:

    • Norms
    • Orientation Information
    • Training Requirements
    • Schedule of Meetings
    • Member Expectations
    • Attending District Events

    3. Increase community awareness of board initiatives by providing a quarterly article for the Midlakes Journal.