Elementary School Bus Conduct


    The goal of the Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District Transportation Department is to provide a safe and orderly bus service for all students. The students play an important role in working with bus drivers to achieve this goal.

    Student conduct on the bus will follow guidelines consistent with the Student Code of Conduct established by respective schools.

    Student conduct should be as follows:

    1. Students are to cooperate with the bus driver’s instructions.
    2. Students are to conduct themselves in a safe manner.
    3. Students are to treat fellow classmates and adults with respect, courtesy, and kindness.
    4. All students have a right to a seat on the bus. Students should make room for other classmates to have a seat.
    5. Students have a responsibility to alert the bus driver to various problems and violations.
    6. Students are expected to keep personal belongings (class projects, lunch, backpack, etc.) confined to their seat.

    Our school bus drivers have the responsibility to safely transport students on regular runs, field trips, extracurricular activities, and special trips.  Drivers have the responsibility to maintain good discipline in their vehicles.  The establishment of good discipline requires a combined effort involving drivers, administrators, parents, teachers, and students.  In establishing a positive and cooperative student rapport, drivers must at all times act in compliance with district policies, including the prohibition of corporal punishment.

    Drivers have the authority to:

    1. Establish rules that are fair, consistent and appropriate to the age level.
    2. Assign students to seats on the bus and designate standees.
    3. Discuss individually with each student any violations of the rules of conduct.
    4. Contact parents by telephone or through a conference to discuss solutions to persistent problems of student behavior.
    5. Keep a written record of a student’s inappropriate behavior. Such written records should be filed with the supervisor of transportation and the respective building principal.  A copy shall be sent home to the student’s parent/guardian by the school office.

    When appropriate, a Student Behavior Report will be referred to the appropriate administrator.  The administrator or his/her designee will meet with the student to discuss the misbehavior.  The administrator or his/her designee may assign a consequence to correct the student’s behavior.  All consequences for violations will be reasonable in manner, moderate in degree and appropriate to the violation.  The consequences will be of such nature that each repeated violation will be dealt with more severely.

    The range of consequences (in alphabetical order) for student violation of rules shall include the following:

    • Assigned seat
    • Assignment of after school hours detention
    • Assignment of in-school suspension
    • Discussion with the student
    • Letter of apology
    • Parent conference
    • Referral to counseling
    • School service
    • Suspension of bus riding privileges (long term)
    • Suspension of bus riding privileges (short term)
    • Temporary or permanent removal from extra-curricular activities
    • Verbal reprimand
    • Withdrawal of privileges for up to one week
    • Written behavior report

    The consequence of a suspension of bus riding privileges should be used as a last resort in dealing with students who have demonstrated a pattern of misbehavior on our school buses.  In such cases, prior to suspension, a parent conference will take place.  Parents will have the right to appeal the decision to the superintendent.