Middle School Band Supply List

  • The attached is the school supply list for the 2020-2021 school year and will be included in the summer mailing from school. If you have any questions, please call the main office at (315) 548-6600.  



    • All students should own a copy of Student Instrumental Course for their particular instrument and ability level. Generally, seventh graders are still in book 1, and eighth graders in book 2.
    • A music book of choice could be a lot of fun for students (movie music, theatre music, etc.) This book is optional, but highly recommended.
    • All books can be purchased at Mobile Music in Canandaigua or at a music store of your choice. Online option:  jwpepper.com


    • Saxophone and clarinet students should own a box of VanDoren reeds. 7th graders will generally use strength 2.5 reeds, and 8th graders will most likely use strength 3 reeds.
    • All brass students should purchase their own mouthpiece and have valve oil and slide grade for their instrument.
    • Students should own an instrument cleaning kit (mouthpiece swabs, instrument swabs- packages are available).
    • Order from Mobile Music in Canandaigua or online at woodwind/braswind: WWBW.com

     Instrument Maintenance 

    • Be sure to have your instrument repaired or at least maintained this summer. Woodwinds may need new pads or corks.  Brass instruments may need an acid bath.  Mobile Music in Canandaigua is an excellent source for repairs. 



    • Music for Marimba by Art Jolliff
    • Primary Handbook for Mallets by Garwood Whaley
    • Basic Timpani Technic by Thomas McMillan
    • Contemporary Method for Snare Drum by Thomas McMillan 

    Snare Drum Sticks

    • Pro Mark 707 (concert sticks) – wood tip only
    • Regal Quantum 3000 (rudiment sticks) –wood tip

    Bell and Marima Mallets

    • Mike Balter model 10A Rattan (bells and xylophone): required
    • Mike Balter model 13 Rattan (marimba—yarn mallets): suggested
    • TIMPANI MALLETS: - Vic Firth general purpose