Middle School Special Areas Supply List

  • The attached is the school supply list for the 2020-2021 school year and will be included in the summer mailing from school. If you have any questions, please call the main office at (315) 548-6600.  

    Art 8 (Burke: Grade 8 only)

    Students’ Art kits will be distributed to students in the fall. The kits will be expected to be returned to the Art department much like a textbook. The item students may keep will be their sketchbook. There are no required materials beyond what will be provided in the kits (or other materials that may be distributed). It is recommended that students have a pocket folder to keep packets and other paper hand out materials that will be part of their course work.

    General Music (Trowbridge/Godfrey: Grade 8)

    • Folder with pockets
    • Pencils

    Health - Ms. Wescott (Wescott: Grade 7 only)

    • One-inch binder
    • Pens/pencils
    • Subject dividers
    • 1 box Kleenex

    Family and Consumer Science (Herman: Grade 7 and 8)

    • One-inch binder
    • Pens/pencils

    Physical Technology – Mr. Farrands (Farrands: Grade 7 and 8)

    • Folder
    • Notebook
    • pencils

    Computer Technology (Conrad: Grade 7)

    • Pocket folder
    • Pen/pencil

    Chorus – Amy Conner

    • Pencils


    All students are REQUIRED to have a change of athletic clothing and sneakers for every Physical Education class. We recommend athletic clothing (shorts, sweats, t-shirts). Please bring in stick deodorant only. Students will be issued a combination lock to use in the middle school locker rooms. No other locks can be used (i.e. keyed, purchased at Wal-Mart, etc.). If this lock is lost/damaged, a $5 replacement fee will be charged.

    Swimming: Students will be swimming during the winter months. Girl’s one-piece swimsuits are mandatory.