Strength-Based Instructional Coaching

  • What is strength-based coaching? 
    Strength-based coaching is a model of professional support where an individual is observed in an authentic professional environment. Strengths of practice are noted by the observer/coach and then shared with the educator in a feedback conversation. One area is used to provide a single “leverage point” or an area to consider where even further growth could be achieved.  

    Who coaches? 
    At Midlakes, we have an Instructional Coach who can provide collaborative and personalized coaching to educators.  

    When does coaching occur? 
    The coaching cycle consists of an initial conversation focused on goal setting, 10-15 minute classroom visit, planning time, and a follow-up conversation. The coach will work in collaboration with the teacher to ensure a coaching time that is convenient for the educator. 

    How is coaching initiated? 
    There are three options that can lead to a coaching session:

    • Professional Development Follow Up: Professional Development gets our wheels turning. Additional support is available to help you get your ideas up and running. Let's see that thinking come to life in your classroom.
    • Instructional Support: The coach comes to model a lesson, co-teach, assist with a lesson, or collaboratively analyzes formative assessment data to make instructional decisions.  
    • Tech Integration: Through conversations and/or observation, we will reflect on student learning in the classroom and collaborate on how to utilize technology to enhance instruction.  

    If you are interested in strength-based coaching, please email Lindsey Pursel at

Other Instructional Coaching Opportunities

  • Midlakes also partners with the following companies to provide additional coaching opportunties for staff:

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