Scholarship Information

  • Scholarships (Updated 10.29.20)

    UPDATE: Several scholarship deadlines have recently been extended, and a few new scholarships are available. Please refer to the Local Scholarships (10.29.20) document for more information. If you need assistance in coordinating submission of a scholarship application, reach out to your counselor.

    There are several scholarship opportunities to assist students and their families with educational expenses. Check this page often for updates.

    Many of the scholarship announcements received at the beginning of the school year tend to be more regional and national in scope. As the year progresses, more and more of the scholarship opportunities become locally focused. Students can fill out a questionnaire at FastWeb to be matched up with possible scholarship opportunities. There are also ways to receive emails when new scholarship information and deadlines become available.

    Be wary of any scholarship service that requires a fee. There is a wealth of information that is available free-of-charge. Many of the services that require a fee are nothing more than scams. When in doubt, check with your child's counselor. 

    Financial Aid

    Early planning is helpful in navigating the vast amounts of information associated with the financial aid process. Students and parents should make financial preparations for college as early as possible, but keep in mind that financial aid is based on numerous factors (such as need, academic ability, special talents, etc.). It's never too late to get started. Although a crucial piece of the college selection process, financial considerations should not be the paramount factor when initially considering college choice. The actual cost of attending a particular college can only be realized after going through the entire financial process.

Scholarships (Updated 10.29.20)