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  • New to Schoology?

    New to Schoology? Screenshot from YouTube

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    If you are new to Schoology and looking for one comprehensive tutorial then click here to learn the Basics for Online Learning.  Get guided help from an educational expert on our professional learning team. She will walk you through the basics of setting up your online course in Schoology.

    • Welcome - 0:00 
    • Navigation - 0:25 
    • Communication Tools - 3:10 
    • Courses vs Groups - 5:11 
    • Teacher View of Courses - 8:00 
    • Ideas for Course Structure - 12:15 
    • Adding Folders - 16:10 
    • Adding Pages - 19:20 
    • Assignments and Discussion Examples - 22:20 
    • Creating a Assignment - 27:37 
    • Creating a Discussion - 32:26 
    • Creating a Page - 35:45 
    • Using Updates in a Course - 41:00 
    • Student View - 44:03 
    • Student Completing an Assignment - 45:58 
    • Student Completing a Discussion - 47:40 
    • Grading a Discussion - 48:53 
    • Grading an Assignment - 50:45 
    • Teacher Gradebook View - 54:09 
    • Student Grade View - 55:00 
    • Communicating with Students - 57:10 
    • Wrap Up - 58:38

     Creating an Activity on Schoology 

    Schoology Basics: Creating an Assignment Screenshot by YouTube

    Click here to understand how to create assignments for students and submissions. The basics of learning the assignment function in Schoology.

    Creating an Assignment on Schoology with 

    Schoology Basics: Creating Assignments with Video and Files Screenshot from YouTube

    Click here if you would like more details after watching the video above on how to use Schoology in creating assignments. This will quickly show how to add video and upload an attachment for review.

    Submitting a Video

    Schoology Basics: Submitting a Video Screenshot YouTube

    Click here if you want to know how to submit a video for an assignment or create one? It is much easier than you is a video to help explain the process.

    Creating an Exam

    Schoology Basics: Creating an Exam Screenshot of YouTube

    Click here to learn how to make a quiz in schoology....quick information and ideas to start practice and playing around with the program to get the best experience for you students

    Creating a Folder in Courses

    Schoology Basics: Creating a Folder in Courses Screenshot from YouTube

    Click here to learn how to use a folder in Schoology as a simple idea that makes things a lot easier to work with. Follow along as we incorporate this small gem in our courses.

    Access Parent Codes

    Schoology Basics: Access Parent Codes Screenshot YouTube

    Click here to learn how to find the Parent Codes in Schoology.  It's very easy and quick but come along and I will show you.

    Guide to Groups

    screengrab of schoology page
    Click here to learn more about Schoology Groups, which allow educators, parents, and students create and join groups to connect with others locally and worldwide.