Zoom Tutorials

  • Zoom Basics

    Zoom Video Basics Screen Shot of YouTube Slide  

    Click here for a Zoom basics tutorial and is a great first video to watch.  If you are looking for a specific topic, please feel free to choose the part of the video you need:  

    • 2:49 - Basic account settings
    • 3:10 - Scheduling a meeting
    • 4:02 - Recurring meeting
    • 7:45 - Inviting participants to a meeting (registering)
    • 9:05 - Recording a meeting

    Zoom Extras

    Managing Zoom Meetings Screenshot of YouTube Video

    If you've mastered the Zoom basics and are looking to expand your Zoom skills, then click here to watch this Zoom tutorial to learn a variety of skills.  If there is a specific topic you are looking for then please use the timestamps below:  

    • 1:41 - Enabling hidden features
    • 2:49 - Creating a poll inside a meeting "on the fly"
    • 3:30 - Adding a poll to a new meeting
    • 5:50 - Using a poll in a live meeting
    • 7:20 - Reactions and non-verbal feedback
    • 9:25 - Breakout Rooms

     Zoom on the iPad

     Using Zoom on Mobile Screenshot from YouTube

    Zoom looks different on a laptop versus an iPad.  Click here to look at this video tutorial to see what students will see during Zoom sessions.   

    Zoom for Screen Recording

     Screensharing in Zoom Screenshot YouTube

    Zoom can be used for a variety of purposes.  One purpose you can use Zoom for is sharing your screen.  When you share your screen students are able to see what you are doing by seeing and listen to an explanation.  You can record a screen share so that students can listen whenever it is convenient for them.  Click here to learn how to screen sharing to create tutorials, provide feedback, and deliver virtual lectures.     

    Zoom Effects

    Using Zoom Video Effects Screenshot of YouTube  

    Did you know that you can make your background look like your classroom?  Or maybe you want to put something in the background that aligns with your lesson.  If you want to find out more about Zoom's video effects then click here to check out this Zoom tutorial.  

    Zoom Fails

    Epic Zoom Fails Screenshot YouTube

    It is far easier to learn from the mistakes of others than it is to have to learn the hard way by making mistakes yourself.  Save yourself some virutal bumps and bruises along the Zoom way and click here to watch this video to learn how to avoid these pitfalls.