Apple Tutorials

  • Screen Recording on the iPad

    Screen Recording with the IPad Screenshot of YouTube

    The i-Pad has many features built right in.  Click here to watch this tutorial that shows you how to access the screen recording tools: settings; control center; customize controls.  The tutorial also shows you how to make sure that your microphone is on to record your voice as well as what happens on your screen.  The tutorial shows how to use KeyNote, Photos, and even create your own tutorials for students to get into various apps.  This tutorial recommends 1 minute screen recordings per grade level so first grade would have one minute videos and sixth grade would have up to a six minute video.  

    The iPad Can Read!

    Speech on iPad Screenshot from YouTube

    Another feature on the iPad is the speech option.  Click here to learn how to turn on the speech option, both in the general settings and inside of Safarri.  This tutorial shows how to use the speech option. to read a Social Studies textbook and includes features like speeding up and slowing down as well as rewinding and fast forwarding. 

    Apple Teacher  

    Apple Teacher Webpage Screenshot

    If you are looking for a comprehensive place for Apple trainings, then look no further than Apple Teacher.  Click here to go to the Apple Teacher website where you can sign up and sign in for an amazing library of resources ranging from specific Apple apps to features that are built right into the iPad.  This is an incredible website with endless resources and ideas!