Attendance/Chronic Absenteeism

  • All students have the responsibility and right to attend school dailywhether learning in-person (on campus) or remotely from home. The Phelps-Clifton Springs CSD will partner with families to ensure that all students attend and engage regularly and meet the New York State Learning Standards. Consistent attendance and academic success are directly linked.  To promote academic success for all students, we will implement an attendance plan that meets these objectives:  

    • Raise student achievement and close performance gaps. 
    • Recognize poor attendance and create individual plans to stimulate improvement. 
    • Take daily student attendance, whether they are in-person or participating in remote learning. 
    • Record daily attendance for New York State reporting purposes.
    • Ensure that all students comply with New York State compulsory school attendance.  

    Attendance Plan: 

    • Teachers will use Schooltool to record daily student attendance.  Attendance will be taken for in-person and remote learning. Systems and technologies will be established to assist in recording student participation in synchronous and asynchronous learning The completion of academic tasks will also be used to measure engagement and authentic learning, and document student attendance.   
    • The Phelps-Clifton Springs CSD will set clear standards for participation/engagement in each of the learning models. We will communicate regularly with families to create a high level of accountability and to ensure engagement. All communications will be provided in the primary language spoken in the home.  
    • Teachers, counselors and administrators will document and communicate concerns to parents/guardians prior to referring students to the RtI process for additional interventions.  
    • A positive learning environment will be created by supporting students academically, socially, and emotionally. Students who require additional attention will be identified through the attendance and RtI processes. Multiple forms of communication will be utilized to ensure connection and collaboration with the family.  
    • School administrators and Pupil Support staff will work together to regularly review attendance/engagement records. This process will assist in identifying students who require additional attention and support.  
    • A multi-tiered approach will be implemented for students exhibiting chronic absenteeism. Students who approach the threshold of a 10% absentee rate will receive a higher level of intervention, to encourage improved attendance and completion of assignments and academic requirements.