Teaching and Learning

  • A strong instructional program is built on a foundation of a strong curriculum. A strong curriculum prepares students for each new challenge they will face while in school as well as in the world. Whether a student is engaged through in person learning, remote learning or a hybrid model they deserve to be instructed by highly a highly trained teacher. This educator must follow a rigorous curriculum in which students are held accountable for engaging and authentic learning.  

    The Phelps-Clifton Springs CSD will: 

    • Ensure that all learning standards are met during the 2020-2021 school year. Teachers will align curriculum both horizontally and vertically to assure that students are receiving the best education possible. Professional development opportunities will be made available throughout the year to assure that all staff have the opportunity to make necessary adjustments.  
    • Modify the continuity of education plan (Continuity of Education Plan) to ensure that regardless of the educational setting, all students are receiving standards-based instruction. Teachers will be encouraged to utilize common units whenever possible and collaborate to assure that content and skills are aligned.  
    • Consistently teach content and skills no matter the mode of instruction.  
    • Promote equity and address the needs of all students. This will be accomplished through the use of grade appropriate assignments, balanced instruction, engaging activities and high expectations and accountability. 
    • Communicate consistent feedback to students to reinforce their learning. Students will be encouraged to engage and will be provided opportunities to collaborate virtually and in the classroom. Platforms such as Schoology and Seesaw will be utilized to provide feedback and communicate progress.  
    • Consistent schedules and set expectations for both students and parents will be shared. Regular opportunities will be offered for both students and parents to communicate directly with educators.  Information will be provided to ensure that families can contact administratorsFamilies can email techhelp@midlakes.org to receive technical support or can visit the Remote Learning Help page on the District’s website.  

    Additional Considerations:   

    • Staff will employ culturally responsive practices to ensure that all students have the same educational opportunities. 
    • Teachers will utilize diagnostic and progress monitoring tools to assure that students are provided appropriate and purposeful instruction. This will be accomplished using iReady assessments, Fastbridge assessments, the IRLA from the American Reading Companyunit and lesson assessments and locally determined assessment tools. 
    • We must identify and support students with learning loss and gaps related to the closure of school in March of 2020. Staff will follow the MTSS model and focus on Tier 1 interventions and adjust curriculum to focus on the content and skills that were lost due to the school closure in the spring of 2020. The RtI model will be followed to measure progress and learning gaps in Tier 1 interventions and to identify social, emotional, and academic needs. Additional services will be delivered both in person and through remote learning.  
    • Professional development opportunities will be offered during the summer of 2020 and throughout the school year for staff to collaborate and plan consistent instruction. Focus will be placed on providing research- and evidence-based strategies that staff can use to deliver high- impact learning in a blended model of remote learning, in person learning and hybrid model. 
    • Parents and students will be provided guidance and instruction that focuses on the various technological tools being utilized.  Parents and students can access guidance and instruction as they need it on the Remote Learning Help page on the District’s website. The resources on the District’s Remote Learning Help page have been curated based on family input on the July 2020 survey.  Families will be encouraged to continue to provide feedback on these resources to ensure their relevance. 
    • Grading practices will be developed based in the NYS Learning Standards that measure student growth/progress and assure accountability. Grading practices will be consistent no matter the mode of instruction.   Parents and students will be provided feedback on both academic and nonacademic growth and engagement.  
    • Detailed plans and materials will be created to address the following areas: 
      • Specials
      • Music 
      • Art 
      • Physical Education 
      • Library
      • Science Laboratory requirements.   

    Universal Pre-Kindergarten (Early Learning): 
    The Phelps-Clifton Springs CSD partners with Our Children’s Place to offer a universal prekindergarten program. Our Children’s Place has provided the Phelps-Clifton Springs CSD with a continuity of learning plan that focuses specifically on the UPK program: