• Grades 7 and 8 Teachers: You should be able to login to FastBridge through your Clever account. Once logged in you can go to the Training & Resources tab to find more information and scroll down to go through online training modules related to specific assessments and interventions. I'd recommend the following assessments as a pilot for the 2020-2021 school year:
    Reading (SpEd and English teachers, in particular):
    • aReading, 
    • AUTOreading, and 
    • COMPefficiency
    Math (SpEd and Math teachers, in particular):
    • aMath, and 
    • CBMmath (there are multiple assessment options within CBMmath)
    Behavior (all teachers):
    • mySAEBRS (student Social-Emotional screener)
    • SAEBRS (optional teacher rating scale for Social-Emotional screening of students)
    Please reach out to Michelle Robinette, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, to schedule a time to meet with teams prior to giving any of these assessments for the first time.