April Update: Meal Delivery Service


    APRIL 28 — With the return of UPK-6 students to full five-day in-person instruction, the District will discontinue the delivery of food for all students starting the week of May 10.
    If you are currently receiving a home food delivery, the last date for delivery will be May 3. The District will offer a pick-up option starting on May 10 for interested families.
    For all families with students remaining in remote learning that would like to pick up meals, please complete the form posted on the Midlakes website, under the Meal Delivery tab
    Please ensure that the form is completed prior to May 6 for a May 10 start date. Even if you are currently receiving meal deliveries, you must complete this new survey to have a pick-up ready on May 10.
    Parent/Guardian pick up for all remote student meals will be on Mondays for the weeks' worth of meals starting May 10. Pick up times will be 6:30 a.m. - 7:30 a.m. at the North parking lot of the Secondary Building. There will be signage from the entrance on Route 488.
    Families with questions regarding meal service may contact Food and Nutrition Director Jil Swarthout at jswarthout@midlakes.org or (315) 548.6415.