• The NYSDOH has determined that basketball is a high-risk sport (Least ability to maintain physical distance and/or be done individually; least ability to: (1) avoid touching of shared equipment, (2) clean and disinfect equipment between uses by different individuals, or (3) not use shared equipment at all). 

    General Considerations 

    • BOYS-For pregame conference, limit attendees to the referee and the head coach from each team with each coach standing on the center circle on each side of the division line. 
    • GIRLS-For pregame conference, limit attendees to the referee and one athlete per team standing on the center on each side of the division line. 
    • For pregame conference, all individuals maintain a social distance of 6 feet or greater at the center circle. 
    • Limit the number of bench personnel to observe social distancing of 6 feet or greater. 
    • Place team benches opposite the spectator seating. 
    • Additional chairs or rows may be added to allow bench personnel to observe social distancing of 6 feet or greater. 
    • Create separation between the team bench and spectator seating behind the bench. 
    • Limit contact between players when substituting. 
    • The host school should sanitize the table before the game and at half time. 
    • Place officials table sufficiently away from the sideline to allow for additional space for substitutes. 
    • Limit seats at the table to essential personnel which includes home team scorer, timer and shot clock operator with a recommended distance of 6 feet or greater between individuals. Other personnel (visiting scorer, statisticians, media, etc.) may not be deemed essential personnel and consider an alternate location for them. 
    • Eliminate all handshakes, fist bumps and similar gestures pre-and post game. 
    • Give game ball to officials in the locker room where it is sanitized as recommended by the ball manufacturer and not used for warm-ups. 
    • The host school should ensure that the ball is sanitized during time-outs and between quarters. 
    • Sanitizer should be provided by the host team at the table. 
    • Long-sleeved shirts are permissible. 

    Considerations for Officials: 

    • Officials are responsible for game management, which does not include monitoring activities on the sidelines, such as social distancing, face coverings, hand washing, symptoms of illnesses and other such issues. This monitoring obligation remains with the responsible parties. 
    • Bring personal hand sanitizer. Wash hands frequently. 
    • Do not share equipment. 
    • Follow social distancing guidelines. 
    • Suspend handshakes, fist bumps and similar gestures prior to and following the pregame conference. 
    • Officials are not required to wear jackets during pre-game court/player observation. 
    • Electronic whistles are permissible. 
    • Gloves are permissible. 
    • Official may stand 6 feet or greater away from the player making a throw-in and bounce the ball to that player on a front court throw-in. 
    • The lead official shall stand on the end line and bounce the ball to the free thrower. 

    Considerations for Coaches: 

    • Communicate your guidelines in a clear manner to students and parents. 
    • Consider conducting workouts in "cohorts" of same students always training and rotating together in practice to ensure more limited exposure if someone develops an infection. 
    • Keep accurate records of those athletes and staff who attend each practice in case contact tracing is needed. 

    Considerations for Students: 

    • Consider making each student responsible for their own supplies. 
    • Students should wear their own appropriate workout clothing (do not share clothing) 
    • Individual clothing/towels should be washed and cleaned after every workout immediately upon returning home. 
    • Bring own water bottle. 

    Considerations for Parents: 

    • Provide personal items for your child and clearly label them. 
    • In accordance with NYSDOH guidance (Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Sports and Recreation), only two spectators per participant are permitted.)