For JV and MODIFIED, we TRY to play as many players as we can at some time in the match as long as they have met all requirements to play. (such as 6 practices before first match)   Equal playing time is not promised due to the fact to the way subbing works in volleyball.  There are 14-20 matches to be played at these levels so there is ample time to give players a chance to develop and get ready to play on the varsity level court in the future.

    For VARSITY there is no guaranteed playing time.  Varsity is a competitive level sport.  The best team is put on the court with the intent on playing the highest level of volleyball possible.  The players train and compete in practice to prove themselves ready to play in a competitive varsity volleyball match.
    This philosophy is communicated to all the players on the team regularly from the first day they started playing in the program.  This is what all players are told from modified volleyball through varsity.
    If players have a concern about playing time, they should speak directly with the coach.  Playing time will not be discussed with parents until a player has spoken to the coach.   This is shared with all players regularly at all levels.
    A player's grade level or amount of years in the program are not deciding factors for playing time.

     Players are expected to be positive teammates.


    Players are expected to demonstrate proper bus behavior.


    JV and Varsity players are expected to work each other's matches as a lines person, score clock keeper, or libero tracker.


    JV and Varsity players are expected to watch and cheer for each other at matches.


    Players are expected to balance their academics with playing.  Suggestions:  Do work before matches in school or right after school, do work in bleachers before or after your match while cheering for your team, use class time and studyhall time well during volleyball season so your work is complete, speak to your coach if there is an academic issue or need