• Midlakes High School participates in the New York State Seal of Civic Readiness program to highlight the importance of civic participation by recognizing students who display a high level of proficiency in civic knowledge, civic skills, civic mindset, and civic experiences. The Seal of Civic Readiness is a distinction placed on a high school transcript and diploma that:

    • Shows the student’s understanding of a commitment to participatory government; civic responsibility and civic values; 
    • Demonstrates to universities, colleges, and future employers that the student has completed an action project in civics or social justice; and 
    • Recognizes the value of civic engagement and scholarship. 

    What is the NYS Seal of Civic Readiness? 

    The New York State Board of Regents and the New York State Education Department are committed to civic education that empowers all students to make informed decisions for the public good as members of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world. Civic education facilitates the development of civic competencies, which are needed for a democratic society to flourish. Through civic education, students learn how to identify and address problems in their community or school community. Students also learn how to demonstrate respect for the rights of others, respectfully disagree with other viewpoints, and provide evidence for a counterargument. Civic education can strengthen the relationships of schools and students with parents, families, civic leaders, and organizations and community partners. 

    Civic readiness is the ability to make a positive difference in the public life of our communities through the combination of civic knowledge, skills and actions, mindsets, and experiences. 

    Criteria for the Seal of Civic Readiness

    A student must complete all the requirements for a New York State local or Regents diploma and earn a total of six points with at least two points in Civic Knowledge and at least two points in Civic Participation to obtain the Seal of Civic Readiness. Students may also earn points by completing a middle school Capstone project or a high school Capstone project.

    Please review the Seal of Civic Readiness Handbook below for more information.


    Submit an application to your school counselor by December 15th of your senior year. Applications submitted after December 15th will require approval from the Principal to be accepted and will only be accepted based on extenuating circumstances. An application may be downloaded and printed from the Seal of Civic Readiness Handbook posted below.

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