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The Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District in partnership with the Phelps-Clifton Springs Faculty Association recognizes that the ongoing professional growth of each staff member and administrator is directly related to increased student achievement and promoting high standards of excellence.

Under section 3012-d of the New York State Education Law, the District and the Faculty Association have negotiated the Annual Professional Performance Review Plan, otherwise known as APPR, to outline a comprehensive process for the annual review of various staff members involved in the instruction of students and to improve the quality of teaching while working to meet the needs of students.

District APPR plans must meet strict state guidelines and be negotiated with local unions. Under state guidelines, APPR takes into account classroom observations and student performance. Teachers and principals across New York ultimately receive an overall rating every year.

The objectives of the Annual Professional Performance Review Plan are to:

  • Provide teachers with clear, consistent criteria for review;
  • Ensure that teachers have input into the process;
  • Use multiple measures for review;
  • Tie performance to district/school priorities;
  • Increase responsibility for self-improvement; and
  • Provide support to teachers in need of improvement.

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