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Developmental Milestones Chart

Age Emotional Skill Knowledge & Skills Age-Approriate Actions
3 months Smiles
Makes cooing sound
Enjoys playing with people
Turns heads toward bright colors and lights
Moves both eyes in the same direction and together
Recognizes bottle or breast
Reacts to sudden sounds or voices
Make fists with both hands to grasp toys
Lifts head and chest when on stomach
Recognize bottle or breast
Wiggles and kicks with arms and legs
6 months Recognizes familiar faces
Smiles at self in mirror
Recognizes familiar faces
Follows moving objects with eyes Turns toward the source of normal so unds
Reaches for objects and picks them up
Switches toys from one hand to the other
Helps hold the bottle during feeding
12 months Waves bye-bye
Knows five or six words
Plays peek-a-boo and patty cake
Repeats sounds or gestures for attention
Stack two blocks
Place objects in a container
Sits without support
Pulls to a standing position
Drinks from a cup
Holds out arms and legs while being dressed
18 months Follows simple directions (“Bring the ball")
Acts out a familiar activity during play
Brings toy
Likes to pull, push, and dump things Pulls off shoes, socks, and mittens
Feeds themselves
Makes marks on paper with crayons
Walks without help
Steps off a low object and keeps balance
24 months Uses 2- to 3-word sentences
Likes to imitate parent(s)
Shows affection
Plays alone (independently)
Comforts a distressed friend or parent
Says names of toys
Recognizes familiar pictures
Identifies hair, eyes, ears and nose by pointing
Turns 2- to 3 pages at a time
Builds a tower of four blocks
Uses 2- to 3-word sentences
Carries something while walking
Feeds themselves with a spoo
36 months Plays with other children for a few minutes
Uses 3- to 5-word sentences
Understands concept of "mine" and "his/hers"
Spontaneously shows affection to familiar playmates
Takes turns in a game
Imitates adult and playmates
Turns one page at a time
Names at least one color correctly
Repeats common rhymes
Walks up steps (alternating feet)
Puts on shoes
Open use of three- to five-word sentences
Are toilet trained
Rides a tricycle