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Eye-Hand Activities To Promote Ball Skills

Ball-Wall Toss

Once your child has had lots of practice catching and hitting a suspended ball, you can try a ball-wall toss. Find a nice stretch of high wall with no windows or breakable objects nearby. Smoother walls are better than bumpy ones.

  • Ask your child to toss the ball against a wall and catch it again. 
  • You will need to experiment a bit to find the most effective distance from the wall – it depends on the type of ball, and how forcefully your child throws it, but encourage your child to start with a gentle toss!
  • See how many your child can catch before missing and keep a running record of the best tally. Encourage your child to better the score each time!

Toss and Catch

Tossing a beanbag, balloon or ball into the air and catching again is a good hand-eye coordination exercise.

  • If your child tends to throw haphazardly, have your child stand in a hoop or mark a circle to stand in - this can help kids throw more carefully.

Threading and Lacing

Threading beads and completing a lacing card, are fine motor activities that have a big eye-hand coordination component. Use chunky beads and laces if your child struggles, or have your child thread beads onto a pipe cleaner/chenille stick for extra stability.