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Object Relays

This is a fun indoor or outdoor game and the whole family can take part! You can use different objects, depending on the theme and occasion (holiday themes and birthday parties are great for this game!)

  • Works on bilateral as well as hand eye coordination.
  • The kids stand in a line and pass the ball/object to the child behind them.
  • Do it overhead, then between the legs.
  • Encourage the kids to use both hands together.
  • Make it more fun by having a bucket of objects at the front that have to be transferred to an empty bucket at the back.
  • You can do this in fireman relay style, where everyone keeps their place, or have the last kid run to the front after placing the object in the bucket at the back, that way they all get a turn to be in front.

Passing and Gentle Tossing

It takes a lot of concentration for a child to pass or toss something carefully with both hands!

  • Play a variety of circle or line games, like the relays above, where balls or beanbags are carefully passed from one player to another.
  • Then upgrade to gentle tossing.
  • Have the kids move one step away from each other and then gently toss the ball or a beanbag to each other.
  • Throwing soft, squishy balls or bean bags at target using both overhand and underhand throwing.
  • Play catch with a variety of different sized balls- encourage catching using just hand and not pulling the ball into the chest