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Special Education Plan

The regulations of the Commissioner of Education require that school districts have a special education plan. Each plan shall include, but need not be limited to the following: 

  1. (i) a description of the nature and scope of special education programs and services currently available to students and preschool students residing in the district, including but not limited to descriptions of the district's resource room programs and each special class program provided by the district in terms of group size and composition; 
  2. (ii) identification of the number and age span of students and preschool students to be served by type of disability, and recommended setting; 
  3. (iii) the method to be used to evaluate the extent to which the objectives of the program have been achieved; 
  4. (iv) a description of the policies and practices of the board of education to ensure the continual allocation of appropriate space within the district for special education programs that meet the needs of students and preschool students with disabilities; 
  5. (v) a description of the policies and practices of the board of education to ensure that appropriate space will be continually available to meet the needs of resident students and preschool students with disabilities who attend special education programs provided by boards of cooperative educational services 
  6. (vi) a description of how the district intends to ensure that all instructional materials to be used in the schools of the district will be made available in a usable alternative format, as such term is defined in paragraph (b) (10) of this section, for each student with a disability at the same time as such instructional materials are available to non-disabled students. To meet this requirement, the district plan may incorporate by reference the plan established by the board of education pursuant to paragraph (b) (10) of this section 
  7. (vii) the estimated budget to support such plan; and 
  8. (viii) a date on which such plan was adopted by the board of education. 

Additional Resource

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