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Transportation Services

The Transportation Department buses students to school, W-FL BOCES programs, sporting events, extracurricular activities, field trips, and other school-related purposes throughout the academic year. All state laws and regulations shall be observed by drivers, students, and school personnel. 

To assure the safe boarding and exiting of students, it is unlawful for a motorist to pass a stopped school bus when the red bus signal is in operation. Motorists should move cautiously near any school bus. 

Also, students must behave appropriately while riding the bus to ensure safe transportation of all passengers and to avoid distracting the bus driver. Excessive noise, throwing objects, standing while the bus is moving, and fighting will not be tolerated as it creates an unsafe situation and distracts the driver. 

Bus Safety 

Students should also obey the following rules: 

  • Arrive at their designated bus stop FIVE MINUTES prior to their pick-up time to help ensure the bus stays on schedule. 
  • Make eye contact with the bus driver and wait for an all-clear signal. 
  • Never go back after crossing a road/highway. 
  • Keep head, hands, and arms inside the bus. 
  • Properly wear a seat belt. 
  • No eating, drinking or smoking on the bus. 
  • Keep the bus clean and the aisles clear. 
  • Observe the District’s Code of Conduct. 
  • When boarding/exiting, students should use the handrail when on the bus stairs. 

Families may want to prepare a network of friends, family members, and neighbors who can assist their child/children at their drop-off location when the need arises. Families should make sure their students aware of an alternate drop-off location in the event of an emergency dismissal. 

Bus Safety for Motorists

Transportation Requests 

All students are allowed two pick-up or drop-off points that must be consistent each week. Parents or guardians of students living in the Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District who wish to have their child/children picked up or discharged at a childcare location must file a written request on the appropriate form annually by July 1, or within 30 days of submitting a new student registration. 

Under state law, the District cannot provide transportation to an alternate location without a completed form. The form can be found at A new form must be submitted annually and must be submitted individually for each child. Each child may only have one alternative pick-up or drop-off location. 

Alternate Location Transportation Form

Private, Parochial & Charter School Requests

Transportation applications for private, parochial, and charter schools must be received by April 1. Applications for transportation received after the April 1 deadline will be subject to existing bus routes and capacity limitations. Requests must be renewed each year by April 1. Transportation is provided under New York State law. 

Private, Parochial Transportation Form

Bus Driver Recruitment

School bus drivers at Midlakes report a number of outstanding rewards and benefits while transporting the most precious cargo in the world − our students!! For more information, on school openings and related information, visit our Careers Page.

For More Information 

The safety of children is our main goal. Please visit for more information on school busing policies. Direct all questions, comments or concerns to our Transportation Department at (315) 548-6400. 

photo of Midlakes transportation director

Transportation Director

PHONE: (315) 548-6400