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Bus Safety for Motorists

Stop for the Flashing Reds!
The red and yellow lights ABOVE the windows are the lights the bus driver must use whenever students are entering or leaving the bus. The red lights mean STOP. The yellow lights are a warning to let motorists know that the bus is about to stop to pick up or drop off students. Motorists should slow down and prepare to stop.

When to Stop? Motorists moving in any direction must stop whenever the red lights are activated. New York State law does not allow motorists to pass a school bus when the red lights are on unless waved on by a school bus driver or police officer. ALWAYS BE CAUTIOUS. 

Other Laws School buses cannot turn right on red. School buses must stop at railroad crossings. Be prepared to stop when following a school bus that is approaching railroad tracks.  

Safe Driving Practices

  • Be patient. Try to understand that safety is the most important concern for a school bus driver. 
  • Be defensive. Anticipate dangerous situations. 
  • Anticipate stops. School buses stop frequently, including stop or yield signs and railroad crossings. They also stop to unload and load.
  • Keep a safe distance of at least 10 feet between you and the school bus at all times. Watch the buses' brake lights and start to brake immediately.