Office of Communications

  • The Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District prepares students for life after graduation by providing a multitude of opportunities for success. Midlakes schools foster these stories daily in each classroom through a variety of extra-curricular activities, academic pursuits, athletic endeavors, and other opportunities. The district’s Office of Communications seeks to share these stories with the school community through, social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, the Midlakes Journal, news releases to print and broadcast media, in-person presentations to the community and more.

    News Releases

    The Office of Communications can take an idea and make it into reality through direct requests for coverage. The office also seeks to promote items of significant interest with the local media. Information for media coverage should be submitted to the Office of Communications 7-10 days in advance. Requests can be made by calling (315) 546-6477, or by emailing district Public Information Officer Todd Clausen. The Office of Communications can write articles, take photos and shoot video. Special building and classroom projects or events, unique learning activities, significant achievements by students and staff, along with collaborations with the outside community are of pique interest. Stories by the Office of Communications may be submitted to local news outlets for consideration. Publication of materials cannot be guaranteed.

    When The Media Reaches Out

    The Office of Communications should be informed anytime the media, or other outside entity reaches out directly to a teacher or principal, or district employee for news coverage. The Office of Communications should also be informed of colleges appearing on campus for photos, to celebrate landing a "sports recruit," community groups involved in special projects and anytime there are large or special events on campus.

    Requests For The Office of Communications

    School district staff are encouraged to submit ideas, articles, photos and other information by using Midlakes Article Information Form on the district’s website. Requests for coverage by the Office of Communications should be made two-three weeks in advance. Publication is not guaranteed. Be sure to inform your building principal if you are requesting any type of coverage prior to soliciting coverage.


    Those submitting information to the Office of Communications should keep in mind the following:

    • Make sure that any time stamps are turned off on cameras before taking a photograph.
    • Make sure that the camera is set to take the best photograph possible. Photographs should be large, in color and high resolution (260 dpi). Photographs that are grain, blurry or with subjects that are too small will not be considered for publication.
    • Do not send copyrighted items, songs, videos or other items. Permission for these items must be received in writing. Corporate logos or photos that have been taken by other publications cannot be reused by the Office of Communications without written permission. The Office of Communications will not pursue such requests.
    • Clearly identify everyone in the photography by listing both the first and last name of those in the image, from left to right and by row, from top to bottom. Photos without names will not be considered.
    • All documents posted to the district website should comply with existing federal, state and local laws. ADA compliance is a top priority.

    Electronic Marquee

    The electronic marquee at the corner of Routes 96 and 488 will be used to promote school district events and programs, feature significant student and staff achievements and share highlights of the district. Its ultimate purpose is to help bring the community closer to the school district. Messages must be simple, concise, and should not include Acronyms. Requests from school district personnel should be emailed to District Clerk Sarah Butler and Public Information Officer Todd Clausen. Requests should include the following information:

    • Names and honors with a brief description
    • A title, times, dates, and locations of event(s)
    • Admission or registration fees, if applicable
    • Contact name and contact information for more information

    Event Listings

    The Office of Communications is constantly looking for items to add to the district’s online calendar. When submitting items be sure to include the event title, time, day, date, location, a few details and a phone number, email or website for more information.

    The Midlakes Journal

    The Office of Communications regularly publishes a newsletter that is distributed to residents of the Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District. Additional copies can be found in the main office of each school building, District Office as well as the Clifton Springs Library, 4 Railroad St. and the Phelps Library, 8 Banta St. An online copy is also available.

    Social Media

    District staff and the local community are encouraged to follow Midlakes Schools on social media. The Office of Communications encourages staff to submit photos, videos and other ideas for posting on the district’s networks. For the best engagement: Type should be detailed, photos should be close-up, and videos should be shot horizontally. The Office of Communications encourages the school community to tag "@MidlakesSchools" and to use the hashtag: #MidlakesPride. Follow us:

    Screaming Eagle App

    The Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District app will be available through iTunes and Google Play. The app will offer several of the same features as our district website but with a different interface. Families and district members will be able to receive important announcements and alerts, and other information for their devices. Stay tuned for further updates.

    Photo Policy

    The Office of Communications does not seek to promote anyone who doesn’t want to be featured or photographed. As a result, the Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District offers staff and families the option of opting out of media and other coverage. Those wishing not to be photos or including in promotional materials should info the main office of the building they attend/work and contact the Office of Communications.

    Call the Office of Communications will any questions outside of these guidelines at (315) 548-6477, or email District Public Information Officer Todd Clausen at for more.