Schoology for Parents


    Schoology is a web-based system for securely viewing your middle and/or high school student’s grades, assignments and calendar.

    With a single login, parents can connect to their child’s teachers to download assignments, view grades and teacher feedback. With the free Schoology mobile app for i0S (Apple) and Android, parents can sign up for push notifications and have complete access from a smartphone or tablet.

    Schoology is not a social networking site. It is an educational tool with highly monitored communication filters.

    We recommend using Firefox or Internet Explorer 10.0 or better when online.

    Schoology link for parents

    photo of schoology site  

    In the top right-hand corner, parents will click the “Sign Up” for the first time and a drop down will appear that offers a parent option. They will be prompted for a code that they can get through their child's teacher. For more information, visit Schoology's Parents Help Guides and materials.


    photo of drop-menu on schoology site