Professional Development Plan

  • The Professional Learning Plan (PLP) was developed by the Professional Development Committee (PDC) through a collaborative process that included representatives from the following associations:  faculty, administrators, and secretarial. 

    The PDC, along with each association, believes that on-going learning by its members is essential to the success of our students and the professional growth of our staff. This plan creates the expectation that professional development will support all staff members with continual learning opportunities that will meet individual needs and/or District needs. The District understands its obligation to this expectation and will provide multiple learning opportunities for staff during and outside (electives) of the workday. These may include release time, summer workshops, before and after school hours, and various other times. It is the intent of all involved in the development of this plan to create a vibrant community of learners among our staff. 

    The District is fully committed to investing in professional development. In developing this plan, the committee conveys the belief that professional development must be on-going, sustained, and individually pertinent to be effective. The committee fully expects that all professional development will be thoughtfully carried out in full accordance with contractual agreements.

Professional Learning Plan Committee Members

  • The following are members of the Professional Learning Plan Committee per the direction of the Professional Learning Plan – Guidance Document from New York State Department of Education:

    • Superintendent: Matthew Sickles
    • School Administrators: Jim Giancursio and Chris Moyer
    • Teachers:
      • K-2: Sarah Farr and Megan Reynolds
      • 3-6: Lindsey Pursel and Christine Williams
      • 7-8: Nicole Burke and Erin Mangan-Isaacs
      • 9-12: Kelly Hart and Mike Purcell
    • Parent: Sarah Rowe
    • Curriculum Specialists: CSE Coach TOSA and Instructional Coach TOSA
    • Higher Education: Jacqueline Tiermini, Finger Lakes Community College

    The following are members of the Professional Learning Plan Committee per the direction of local decision-making processes: 

    • Secretarial and Aide Unit Staff Member: Kim Maher
    • Teaching Assistants: Lynn Adams and Cindy Fratangelo

    The following act as an advisor to the Professional Learning Plan Committee:

    • Pupil Support: Lisa Gordner

    The following act as facilitators to the Professional Learning Plan Committee:

    • District Administrators: Michelle Robinette and Lydia Schadler

    *Members are from all buildings in the District

Professional Development Plan 2020-2021

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