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New for 2019-2020

  • New for 2019-2020

    Education Law 2-d
    New York State will be putting into place a law protecting student data as well as teacher and administrator data. These privacy and security measures will help protect our students while they are on campus and online.  

    Digital Resource List
    A comprehensive list of all the digital resources available here at Midlakes as well as a brief summary about each one and a contact person to reach out to with questions.  

    Instructional Coach
    Lindsey Pursel is Midlakes' Instructional Coach. We are excited to have Lindsey's experience and expertise as a previous Instructional Coach with the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES.  We are also excited to have two new partnerships! We will partner for coaching with the American Reading Company in support of our literacy initiative as well as partnering with the Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES for coaching on curriculum writing. We are looking forward to continuing our coaching partnerships with Better Lessons at the Secondary School and Carnegie Learning for math.   

    In-Service/Pink Sheets
    In-service goes digital! Using the myLearningPlan website (aka Frontline), staff will have the opportunity to submit a pink sheet without actually using a pink sheet of paper. The system will at certain times throughout the year run reports that can be verified with staff to ensure that they receive the proper recognition for their hard work. Additionally, the use of myLearningPlan for in-service hours will be beneficial to staff who are required to submit to New York State their CTLE hours.

    Professional Development Plan
    Our Professional Development Plan has four focused goals that will provide guidance and direction for Superintendent Conference Days and more:

    • Goal No. 1: New Staff Training and Retention
    • Goal No. 2: Supporting All Students
    • Goal No. 3: Culture & Climate
    • Goal No. 4: Instructional Practice

  • Welcome to the home of Innovation and Professional Development for Midlakes! As we strive to innovate and learn together as a community, we all need resources. Here you will find a collection of resources available to those who are part of the Midlakes family. The best resource that we have at Midlakes is each other. Please feel free to reach out with any ideas, suggestions, or questions to our Director of Innovation and Professional Learning, Lydia Schadler via email at lschadler@midlakes.org.