A Message From The Board President (Sept. 30)

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    In the coming weeks, the Board of Education will present a capital improvement plan to the community for its input and approval. This investment in our campus is the first step in what we hope will be a multi-year, multi-project strategic plan.

    Planning for this project began just about a year ago with the hiring of the District’s new architectural firm, Edge Architecture. Edge immediately went to work on a Building Condition Survey to guide the Board and district administrators during our initial decision-making process.

    The survey took a thorough look at our entire campus to identify and prioritize areas needing attention. We then began identifying various buckets – or broad categories of work – we wanted to address in this project through discussions with the Board’s Facilities Committee and district administrators.

    The ideas behind these categories came from years of conversations with parents, teachers, and community stakeholders and include mechanical upgrades to HVAC and boiler systems, student drop-off and visitor parking enhancements at the Elementary School, High School music room upgrades, moving the Middle School cafeteria closer to the kitchen, and adding a fueling station for our transportation department.

    Once we agreed on our buckets, we shared the plan for wider input. The Board invited several community members to serve on an advisory committee. The committee was comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, volunteers, coaches, and retirees. Walk-through meetings were held in late spring and early summer to introduce our ideas and gather feedback.

    A public meeting was held in the auditorium to gather more feedback, answer questions, and introduce our plan to a broader audience. The idea behind all of these meetings was to ensure that we were on the right path. After many months of planning, we are now heading towards a vote. We have also scheduled meetings and are accepting further feedback to answer your questions on the project.

    I’m certain one of your first questions on the proposal relates to its financial impact. We are pleased to share with our community how our $15.6 million capital project will have no additional impact on local taxes.

    We are also very proud of the collaborative process that brought us to this point. But our work is not over. We look forward to answering your questions and hope you share in the excitement that we have in this project.

    Also, on behalf of the Board of Education and the District, we’d like to thank committee members, community stakeholders, and our administrators for their work on this capital project and continued support of our students.

    Thank you for trusting us to ensure that our District is focused on what’s best for everyone.

    RYAN DAVIS is president of the Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District Board of Education.

Info Sheet (Sept. 30)

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Facility Meeting (June 17)

  • The Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District recently held a planning meeting to solicit feedback from district resident on a potential capital project that would have with little or no impact to local taxpayers.

    Superintendent Matthew Sickles, Business Administrator Tracy Marshall and representatives from Edge Architecture and Marathon Engineering led a discussion with community members to reveal the findings of a state-mandated Building Condition Survey.

    State building aid, along with funding through the state’s Smart Schools Bond Act and replacing existing debt payments would pay for the project, district leaders said. 

    The project targets approximately $15 million in upgrades throughout the District. Any project presented to voters will need approval by the Board of Education approval.

    “We are in the early stages of planning,” Sickles told the audience during the June 17 meeting. “We are gathering feedback from the community and beginning the process of putting a capital project together for voters.”

    Some areas identified by the Building Condition Survey needing attention, include:

    • Replacement of boilers in all buildings and other mechanical improvements.
    • Additional K-6 parking and redesign of the bus loop and parent drop-off loop.
    • Repair of the “crown” and drainage problems on the football/lacrosse field.
    • Upgrades to auditorium lighting.
    • Renovation of outdated bathrooms.
    • Renovation of a high school technology classroom and culinary arts (FACS) classroom.
    • Renovation/reconfiguration of our 7-12 music classrooms and improved proximity of the middle school cafeteria to the kitchen and serving lines.
    • Replacing the functionality of the current middle school cafeteria as a space for special events.
    • Upgrades to the bus garage and the addition of an on-campus fueling station for our buses and equipment.

    Those with questions and interested in provided feedback may call District Office at (315) 548-6420. Further updates will be posted to Midlakes.org.