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Midlakes High School 'Reflections' Yearbook

  • This production-based club introduces students to the fundamental skills and processes needed to publish "Midlakes Reflections," the Midlakes High School yearbook. Students receive comprehensive production experience while producing a treasured keepsake. Further information on yearbook sales, senior portrait specifications, "Happy Ads" and more can be found below.
    Advisor: Mrs. Stratton.  Assistant: Mrs. Clement.  

    Other Yearbooks


    Order Your High School Yearbook
    Follow this information ONLY to order a yearbook for students currently in Grades 9-12.
    Price: $60; cost increases $5 on Jan. 1. Sales continue through the end of the academic year.
    Personalization: $8, order by Oct. 14 and receive up to four free icons.
    Note: Save a copy of your purchase. No refunds are given for ordering an incorrect yearbook or inadvertently double ordering a yearbook.
    Ordering: Purchase your Midlakes High School Reflections Yearbook by visiting JOSTENS (click on link).

    Senior Recognition Ads
    Families may purchase recognition or "Happy" advertisements and other personalized items by visiting JOSTENS (click on link). Contact Mrs. Stratton at bstratton@midlakes.org to submit hard copy photos or messages.
    Senior Portraits
    Midlakes High School Reflections Yearbook accepts submitted high-quality portraits of High School seniors adhering to the following guidelines to ensure that all seniors receive equal representation in the senior portrait section of the yearbook, as well as consistent space, lighting, paper surface and color balance. Again, photographs must:
    • Be a professionally produced color portrait of 1.75 inches in width by 2 inches in height. (Students may choose the use of their school ID photo).
    • The photograph should be a head-and-shoulder pose. The head size should be 1.25 inches from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin. The pose should be facing directly forward.
    • The background must be plain and in a light color.
    • Seniors should submit their photograph(s) in JPG format, on a hard drive or hard copy to Attn: Brie Stratton, Midlakes High School, 1554 State Route 488, Clifton Springs, NY 14432. Photos in JPG format should be emailed to bstratton@midlakes.org.
    • Photos taken with a cell phone, tablet or downloaded from such websites as Facebook do not reproduce well and are not acceptable.
    • The deadline for submitting a senior yearbook portrait is November 1. Also, BABY PHOTOS are due November 1.
    • Other criteria senior portraits MUST observe:
      • NO PROPS (includes animals) 
      • PROPER DRESS – School dress code must be observed.
      • SHARP & CLEAR PRINTS – No soft or defused prints.
      • Outdoor photographs are allowed but need to follow the above criteria.

    Courtesy of Photographer Jen Price and the McCann Family.
    Courtesy of Photographer Jen Price and the McCann Family.

    Submitting Other Photographs
    The Midlakes High School Reflections Yearbook offers students a chance to submit photographs of any events and activities involving students on or off campus for publication. Maybe it's a great photo of you and your friends dressed up for spirit day? Perhaps a parent took an amazing action shot during a game. We want your photos to help represent the school year.

    The staff can only use photographs where we can identify everyone in them. Please be sure to provide the FIRST/LAST NAME, GRADE, and a brief DESCRIPTION of those included in the photograph. Also, provide your contact information in case there is a question.

    Business Advertisements
    The Midlakes High School Yearbook staff invites you to support the yearbook by purchasing advertising space. Once finished, the book size is 8.5 x 11 inches and is in full color. Your support is appreciated and needed. The yearbook offers the following sizes and fees.

    • QUARTER PAGE (4.25 x 4.75 inches): $80
    • EIGHTH PAGE/BUSINESS CARD (2.5 x 4.25 inches): $45
    • FULL PAGE: $300 (subject to availability)

    Please send a business card, electronic ad or a logo along with messages such as "Congratulations to the Class of 2023." Email any files to Mrs. Stratton at bstratton@midlakes.org. Payment is due with receipt of your information. Please download an order form and submit information with payment no later than February 1. Make all checks payable to the Midlakes Reflection Yearbook