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    Click on the following Link to go to the Midlakes Volleyball Clothing Sale.  The online store closes September 12th so get your orders in right away.  Email Coach Salisbury if you have any questions.




      The purpose of the Midlakes Volleyball Peewees/Youth Program is to give younger students the opportunity to learn, play, watch, and enjoy the sport of volleyball while offering as many opportunities as possible to the students of Phelps-Clifton Springs School District to grow through the sport of volleyball.

      Students from other school districts are welcome to participate as well. On Saturday mornings, through the months of September and October, all the peewees/youth players will meet with the varsity volleyball players and the program’s coaches at the Midlakes High School gym to learn and play volleyball.

      We use lighter balls, lower nets, and smaller courts. This helps the younger players play and compete just like the big kids. Any student in 1-6 grade in the fall of 2019 is eligible to participate. Kindergarteners are sometimes welcomed. Boys and girls are eligible to participate. No prior experience is required.

      The tentative practice/playtimes are from 9 a.m. to 11 m. on the following Saturdays: Sept. 7, Sept. 14, Sept. 21, Sept. 28, Oct. 5, Oct. 12, Oct. 19, and Oct. 26. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO SIGN-UP. GIVE US A CALL OR STOP IN.

      Those with questions, or interested in signing up should contact Head Coach Kyle Salisbury at

      1) Go to
      2) Click on "ATHLETICS" then scroll down and click on "Volleyball."
      3) On the VOLLEYBALL page, click on "Online Registration."
      4) There you will find our online registration form. Fill in the necessary info and then click on SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. 

      Cost: $40 for all Saturday sessions. Bring payment on the first day. Make checks made payable to the "Midlakes Volleyball Boosters."

Parent Meeting

  • Parents, Players and Coaches Meeting is at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 18 at Midlakes

    Enter through sports entrance.

    Meeting Notes:

    Introduction of Coaches:

    Boys Varsity - Kyle Salisbury 

    Boys JV - Rob Sarneckis

    Boys Modified - Lisa Pietrocarlo/Mike LaFave

    Girls Varsity - Julia Coryell

    Girls JV - Brandy Hungerford

    Girls Modified - Katie Lupo

    Practices Start the following days for teams:

    Boys Varsity, Boys JV, Girls Varsity, Girls JV start on Monday, 8/19

    Girls Modified starts on either Tues, Sept 3rd - this may change

    Boys Modified starts on Tues, Sept 3rd - this may change

    Master Practice/Match Schedule can be found on Midlakes Volleyball Website

     The schedule will change so be flexible and check for updates

    Things players need for practices and expectations:

    Great attitude, willingness to be coached and try new things

    Athletic shoes, shorts or spandex, tee-shirt, towel, kneepads (Coach Salisbury has black and white for $15)

    Must have all info in FAMILY ID

    Must have a physical (Free physicals on 8/20 at 8 a.m. at MHS Nurse's office)

    Will learn how to take down and put up volleyball nets

    Will clean up after themselves

    Parents and Players should join REMIND group for communication purposes

    This allows changes and notifications to be made a lot easier by coaches and boosters

    You do not need the app to message.

    All you need to do is:

    If a player - Enter the number 81010 in your cell then text this message: @3b8c8 

    If a parent or booster - Enter the number 81010 in your cell then text this message: @897844

    Playing time philosophy

    Modified level: Equal play is not guaranteed, but if a student has been attending practice and working hard they will play in each match

    JV level: Equal play is not guaranteed, but if a student has been attending practice and working hard they will play in almost every match

    Varsity level: Equal play is not guaranteed, playing the highest level of volleyball is the main focus with the hope of winning the match

    Things that affect playing time: Poor practice attendance, poor attitude in practice, lack of hustle, not being a good teammate, inability to master skills necessary

    Things that do not affect playing time: Player's grade level, player's number of years in the program, parent involvement in booster activities 

    Coaches make decisions on playing time-based upon what they see in practice on a regular daily basis.

    If there is a playing time issue, the best way for it to be handled is to set up a meeting with the coach and talk about it.  Do not approach coaches before or after games to discuss playing time.

    Player Expectations on Game Days

    Players need to be there 30 mins before their warm-up time starts.  For example:  If JV Girls start at 5:00, the warm-up starts at 4:30, which means the players need to be there by 4 p.m.

    Players will be responsible for set up and take down of nets, benches, ref stand, bleachers, concession tables, scorer's table, ball carts

    Varsity players, you must be to the gym by the time the JV warm-up starts....for girls matches that is typically 4:30 for boys matches that is either 4:30 or 5 depending on start time.

    JV players and Varsity players will sit together during each other matches and be supportive.  Homework can be done during this time as well.

    JV and Varsity players will be expected to take turns working each other's matches.

    JV players can not leave varsity matches until they are concluded.  Exceptions can be made occasionally, but it is an expectation that JV players work and watch varsity matches.  There will be consequences if this becomes an issue.

    Bus Expectations and Behavior

    Make sure all dame materials (balls, cart, med kit, etc) make it onto the bus.  Greet the bus driver nicely. Stay seated. Keep the bus clean. Keep the noise level down. Nothing goes in or out of the windows.  Say thank you to the bus driver as you leave.

    Fan Expectations

    We expect everyone to be positive and encouraging when cheering. The players, coaches, and parents all represent Midlakes when we are home or away so we ask that all make a good impression to honor our great community.  We understand that people may not be happy with something going on in the gym but everyone has a positive role to play.  Parents and fans are there to cheer and support. Coaches are there to deal with officials, strategize and focus on the game. Players are there to work hard and support their teammates in whatever capacity they can.

    At all home matches, the coaching staff is the gym supervisors.  If the coaching staff asks you to leave, you must comply.  If the officials ask the coaching staff to remove you, you must comply. 

    Noisemakers are illegal at volleyball matches and tournaments.

    Clean up around where you are sitting even if it is not your mess.


    1. Boys Varsity and JV Scrimmage Tournament - 24 teams here at Midlakes on August 28 from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is the largest fundraiser we do - $4,000 in profit minimally.  This money is used to help pay for things for all 6 volleyball teams here at Midlakes like last years very nice long sleeve shirts that were given out at the end of the season.  Girls JV and Varsity Volleyball players will be expected to come work part of the day.We are looking for parents to work the concession stand that day. We are also looking for food donations: crockpots of chili, mac and cheese, meatballs, etc.
    2. Raffle for $500, $200, $200, and $100. Drawing on Wed, Oct 23. - $2,000 profit if all 300 tickets sold Asking all six teams to sell 3-7 tickets each for a total of 300 tickets. Prize to the person who sells the most ticket. Last year it was Coach Salisbury who sold 43.
    3. Concessions at home matches.  8 girls home matches, 7 boys home matches - typically $1,000 in profit over the full season. A schedule to sign up to work will be posted in the upcoming week. Typical varsity parents work JV matches while Varsity parents work JV matches. Supplies will all be provided for concession except for pizza.  Workers will just need to set it up and take it down. Looking for a parent volunteer to coordinate work schedule for girls matches and pizza orders. Looking for a parent volunteer to coordinate work schedule for boys matches and pizza orders. If we do not get volunteers we will just not do a concession stand at all. 
    4. Clothing Sale: No profit will be made. Seniors will be meeting with me to decide what will be available for purchase and design. Hoping to have this going by the end of the first week of practice. 
    5. Looking for a girls parent and boys parent to assist with the organization of Volleyball Banquet in November.