Technology & Digital Learning Assistance

  • Where do I go for assistance?

    Families may contact Midlakes HelpDesk at for assistance in connecting their devices to the Internet and to address other issues. The email is regularly monitored. Those unable to send email should let their teacher or principal know about the issue as soon as possible.

    How do I log in to SchoolTool?

    Families may contact the Pupil Support Office at either Midlakes Elementary School at (315) 548-6700 or Midlakes Secondary School at (315) 548-6310 for login assistance and other support.

    How do I log in to Schoology (7-12)?

    Users can access their Schoology account by going directly to, or by finding the Schoology link under the Staff Tools or Parents tabs at Parents can find more information on logging in by visiting the Midlakes Schoology for Parents page. 

    Schoology tutorials for parents

    Schoology tutorials for students

    How do I log in to Seesaw (K-6)?

    Families can access their Seesaw accounts by going directly to, or by finding the Seesaw link under the Staff Tools at Students can login with their Office 365 account information by using their complete school email and password.

    Seesaw can also be accessed by logging on to CLEVER and then opening the Seesaw app in the Clever Portal. A common issue with Seesaw is a secure tunnel error on the right. Complete the steps in connecting to a WiFi netork and connecting to IBoss content folder to fix the issue.

    Also, Seesaw provides extensive background for teachers and families at

    What is Clever?

    Clever is an easy way for students to log in and learn with all of the online programs used at school. With personal portals, students can learn with the resources selected by their teachers and school district. Students can log into their account directly by going to Clever, or by finding the “Clever” link under the Staff Tools tab at

    After opening the Clever app, display your QR code (badge) to your device's camera. Those without a badge can choose to log in with a username (firstname.lastname) and password.

    Connecting to i-Ready

    Access i-Ready by logging into Clever. From Clever, find the i-Ready app and open.

    Some basics on Zoom (K-12)

    Once a meeting is started, users will see a pop-up window. If a meeting is started without video, the video window will be white with instructions to share the screen.

    • Clicking the “Mic” icon in the lower menu bar will mute or unmute your microphone. The up arrow to the right will allow you to choose a different mic or a speaker.
    • Clicking the camera icon will start and stop the camera video. The up arrow to the right will allow users to choose a different camera.
    • Use the “Invite” button to invite other participants by clicking the button and then clicking “Copy URL” and pasting it into an email.
    • The “Manage Participants” button allows the meeting host to manage those in the meeting. Participants may raise a hand from here, too.
    • The “Share Screen” icon provides options for sharing a screen, application or other camera source.
    • Chat: This icon opens a chat window with other participants in the meeting.
    • Record: Allows the meeting to be recorded by the host or those given permission.
    • End Meeting: This button allows the host to end the meeting, or leave the meeting but allowing others to continue the meeting.

    How do I access school email?

    Student emails are based on their Office 365 account information by using Passwords are connected to their student ID number. Users can access email through the Outlook desktop app on a computer and by going to The login should be the same or similar for both. Users can also download the Outlook app on a mobile device.

    Logging into iBoss

    The iBoss filtering system is using by the school district. When accessing the Internet offsite for the first time, users will need to open Sarafari and go to Users can then log in with a Midlakes username and password.

    Select Midlakes from the dropdown list of schools. Those already connected iBoss may connect through the iBoss icon on a home screen. Note: Midlakes is in the P section for Phelps-Clifton Springs.

    How to connect to a Kajeet Hotspot

    Kajeet provides remoted WiFi access. Follow these steps to connect the hotspot:

    1. Make sure the Kajeet unit is charged and turned on.
    2. With the display on, press the power/menu button once to enter the menu.
    3. Press the power/menu button again to display the WiFi name
    4. Press the power/menu button once more time to display the WiFi password.

    How to connect a school device to home WiFi

    Use the following steps to connect your school device or iPad to a home WiFi network. Also, reference the materials (in English and Spanish) with helpful images below.

    1. Open your settings
    2. Tap the name of the desired network.
    3. Enter the password for the WiFi network and tap JOIN. If you cannot select JOIN, the password is incorrect.
    4. After joining the network, a blue checkmark will be displayed. The WiFi icon ins the upper-left or upper-right corner of the display will appear.


    Connecting to Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365 includes manay products available in the self-service app on school-issued iPads. Open the app and use your Midlakes email address ( to log in. If prompter, choose the "Work" or "School" account option. Use your Midlakes password for the password.

    Office 365 is also available from using any web browser by going to The log-in credentials are the same as the above.

    Clearing your cache

    Depending on settings, the cache can grow quite large and use a lot of disk space on a computer or iPad resulting in slow performance in browsing the web. Sometimes data, which is stored in the cache prohibits loading of up-to-date contents. When you delete the stored cache data, the new version can be retrieved. In many website related issues, the cache is the root of the issue.

    The following document problems some simple steps to clear the cache on a school-issues iPad.

    Other iPad tips

    • When your iPad is acting strangely (temporarily freezing running slowly, etc.), power cycle it.
    • If a particular app is giving you trouble (freezing or misbehaving in some other way), delete the app and then reinstall.
    • If the iPad is not charging, make sure the lighting cable slider is engaged properly and plugs are properly connected to an outlet.
    • To close all web pages in Sarafri, press and hold the TABS icon (denoted by two squares in the top-right corner of an iPad screen). Select CLOSE ALL TABS.

    Also, see Connecting iPad to WiFi and iBoss at home and a Video Tutorial on how to Log-in Remotely.

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