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Public Library Book Drop Off Now At Midlakes

photo from left, Suzanne Macaulay, Heather Bradley and Rebecca Sloane.

Dropping off books checked out at the public library just got a little easier for families of the Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District.
New blue bins marked “Book Drop” have been placed in each of the school district’s libraries, allowing Midlakes students the opportunity to return books borrowed from any of the 42 libraries in the OWWL system.

"We'll pick the books up every two weeks, or more often if needed, and families will not have to worry about incurring any fines if they were unable to return the books directly to the library," said Suzanne Macaulay, director of the Clifton Springs Public Library. "Once they are in the blue bins, the books are considered returned. The kids come to school anyway and can now bring their public library books with them."
The new partnership is about making it more convenient for families to use the public and school libraries said Midlakes Primary and Intermediate School Librarian Heather Bradley.
"It is nice that we have a relationship with our public libraries where we can start something like this," Bradley said. "Our public libraries are pretty awesome. A lot of families use them. This is one less thing that parents will have to worry about."