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Superintendent's Message: Welcoming Everyone Back to a New School Year

On behalf of the Board of Education and the entire Midlakes school community, I want to welcome everyone back to school for another exciting year. We are thrilled to return to full in-person learning and remain committed to implementing the health and safety protocols necessary to keep us there!

While each new school year brings a rush of excitement and activity to our campus, this year we are staying focused on providing a quality education to all students in the safest possible learning environment.

Our Back to School ’21 Plan, created in consultation with Ontario County administrators and public health experts, the school physician, and leaders of other Ontario County schools, enables us to welcome the entire Midlakes student population back to campus at the start of the new school year.

Having our students in-person five days a week puts us in the best position to support their academic, social, and emotional needs. We are grateful to have the flexibility to do this while still taking the measures necessary to promote the health and safety our students, staff, and community.

Our Back to School ’21 Plan uses a multi-layered approach to promote health, safety, and in-person instruction.

The decreased physical distances necessary to support full in-person instruction at Midlakes must be offset by other prevention strategies, like indoor masking, good hand and respiratory hygiene, enhanced cleaning protocols, contact tracing procedures, and staying home when you are feeling ill.

Maintaining in-person learning will require our entire community to continue to pull in the same direction and make decisions that benefit all our students. Our success will be attained by our ability to work together while understanding that changing circumstances may force us to adapt and adjust.

I encourage you to become familiar with our entire plan. Visit our website to learn more about the Back to School ’21 Plan under the COVID-19 dropdown menu. We have also included additional social-emotional resources and links that families may find helpful.

We are also excited to make the Midlakes Aquatics Center, gymnasiums, and other spaces available for community use, according to our health and safety protocols. We understand the role our campus plays in the community, and we look forward to restoring and maintaining this access to the extent circumstances allow. Furthermore, we continue to work on the plans that will guide our future.

This summer a 20-member Strategic Planning Council met to develop a draft proposal to present the Board of Education in September. We also look forward to breaking ground on the $15.6 million capital improvement project approved by voters.

Midlakes has always been proud of its tight and supportive community, which has led to countless positive outcomes for our students over the years. We remain grateful to our teachers and staff for their dedication to our students and our Board of Education for its continued guidance and volunteer service.

I encourage you to join us in setting a positive and optimistic tone for the 2021-2022 school year by instilling confidence in our children that they are safe at school. We serve our students best when we are working together toward a common goal, and in-person instruction in a safe environment is in everyone’s best interest.

As partners during these challenging and uncertain times, please accept my very best wishes to you and your family for a safe, healthy, and successful 2021-2022 school year.