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Midlakes ‘Amazing’ Freshman

midlakes student

A Midlakes student has conquered the pandemic by finding a way to help her peers and, as school staff describe, serve as an inspiration to others.

Kendall Lawson, a ninth grader, wakes up early on Wednesdays to get to school shortly after 7 a.m. to mentor, tutor and help middle school students receiving extra help from teachers.

"She has been a huge influence on everyone around her and has made an impact on so many students since she began helping us in the early fall," said Stacey Allen, a counselor. "Kendall is self-motivated, respected by all, and far exceeds expectations, while helping students get back on track."

Kendall, a high honor roll student, became interested in helping out at school after volunteering for Eagle Camp last summer to help incoming seventh-graders get acclimated to a new school building and staff.

She checks in students, makes sure they get to their classes, sometimes helps students with their questions or schoolwork, and helps them identify their assignments using online tools.

"I just walk around (to see) if they have any questions,” said Kendall. “I know a lot more people now. More teachers know who I am. I can walk down the hallway and they’ll say, 'Hi'."

Allen said Kendall has been helping with the program since the start of the school year.

"Kendall has a huge heart and has gone above and beyond to help out Middle School students since she walked through our library doors," Allen added. "She is amazing."