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Student Praised for Response During an Emergency

photo of awards ceremony


JUNE 17, 2021 — A Midlakes student eying a career in law enforcement has been recognized by the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office with its "Do the Right Thing" award for quick actions following an accident in April involving a four-wheeler.


Jotniel Mulero, a junior at Midlakes High School, is credited with helping first responders provide care to the victim of the accident. Erin Everson, a teacher at Midlakes, nominated Jotniel for the award.


"I am incredibly impressed with Jotniel’s ability to jump into an emergency and handle it with expertise," she wrote in the nomination. "His ability to provide care, translate for the victim, all while staying calm is very mature for a high school student."


Jotniel hopes to pursue a career in law enforcement and is enrolled in the criminal justice program at the Finger Lakes Career and Technical Center where he has become certified in Professional Rescue and First Aid.


On the night of the accident, he asked the victim if he could provide care and then made the decision to call 911 and provide the dispatcher with information on the situation. 


With the help of other people nearby, Jotneil drove the victim to an area more accessible for an ambulance. He also provided translation services between the victim and emergency personnel arriving on the scene. 


Sheriff Kevin Henderson recognized Jotneil during a ceremony attended by his family, Midlakes principal Frank Bai-Rossi, Everson, and deputy Bob Holland on June 15 at the Ontario County complex.


The award highlights youth in Ontario County for exemplary behavior, outstanding accomplishments, and good deeds that go beyond typical expectations to inspire other youths to demonstrate similar behaviors while making a difference in the community.


For more information on the award, including nomination forms, go to or email


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