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Exceptional Students Join National Elementary Honor Society

photo of the national elementary inductees

The Midlakes Chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society inducted 26 new students in October from the Midlakes Intermediate School.

Fifth and sixth graders are eligible for induction into the National Elementary Honor Society after receiving a nomination from a teacher and earning a grade point average of at least 85 percent. A faculty group reviews and determines student inductions. 

The latest class joins members of the “leadership team,” which includes Heather Belcher, Chloe Collett, Lorelai Lane, Sienna Lowe, Emma Middlebrook, Hannah Minns, Riley Potter, DJ Wing, and Lauren Wodenscheck. 

Belcher, Collett, Minns, Potter and Wing spoke in front of about 150 family and friends during the induction ceremony on the four pillars highly regarded by the honor society: leadership, responsibility, scholarship, and service. Midlakes High School Honor Society members Jacob Wright and Corinne Brown also spoke during the event. 

Midlakes’ National Elementary Honor Society is led by advisors Erin Altman and Heather Bradley and conducts several community service projects throughout the school year, including an annual “Elfing” event at the holiday and a Relay for Life fundraiser. 

Students inducted into the honor society during the 2018 induction ceremony were: 

Jackson Alamond

Azrielle Cahill

Jonathan Capozzi

Cheria Caraballo

Emileigh Cardin

Maddison Clark

Lena Cooley

Makenzie (Pippa) Davis

Alicia Gonzalez

Madison Haers

Corine Hughes

Margaret Hultzapple

Liam Killian

Ayden Klapp

Jamie Lawson

Camryn Mattoon

Leah Newton

Payton Reed

Lily Roth

Kendra Santillo

Amelia Santy

Jonah Spangenberg   

Braxton Wilkes           

Maya Wilson