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Superintendent’s Message: District Presents 2019-2020 Budget Proposal

The proposed school district budget going to voters on May 21 responds to evolving student needs and makes efficient use of district resources.

We have worked to limit the impact of this year’s budget on taxpayers by shift­ing resources and reallocating funds from areas that are no longer needed to meet emerging needs in other areas.

We are also limiting expenditures and maximizing local revenue by taking advantage of additional aid opportuni­ties presented by Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES.

As a result of responsible and careful planning, our budget proposal calls for a modest 1.77% spending increase from the previous budget and a 2% tax levy increase that is less than half of our calcu­lated tax cap of 4.33%.

This budget was guided by a number of goals that will shape our work in the next school year. They include:

  • The realignment of K-12 instructional and non-instructional resources to improve student achievement and district opera­tions.
  • The development of curriculum and in­structional practices that promote student achievement and make academic success attainable for all students.
  • The advancement of a safe and nurturing environment that provides for the social, emotional, and psychological well-being of all students.
  • The prevention and elimination of student achievement gaps through early intervention services.

Our proposed budget — the culmination of several months of input, research, and careful re-evaluation — is highlighted by a number of important organizational chang­es to meet student needs.

Intermediate School Principal Chris Moy­er will assume the responsibilities of K-6 principal effective July 1, a change made in response to the retirement of Primary School Principal Karen Cameron. The move to a single K-6 principal allows for the creation of a K-6 assistant principal at no additional cost to the district.

This realignment will allow the elemen­tary school (K-6) and secondary school (7-12) to operate under the same admin­istrative structure of one principal and one assistant principal.

The budget also calls for the addition of a teacher to help meet the needs of a large population of students in first grade, and the addition of a new kindergarten teacher to deliver a transitional program for students whose social, emotional, and academic needs would best be met through two years of kindergarten.

A new school counselor position has also been added to meet the social and emo­tional needs of students in all K-6 classes. This addition would allow a current K-6 social worker to provide needed support to students in seventh and eighth grades.

Also, a part-time English as a New Language teaching position would be made full-time to meet the transitional needs of students acclimating to a new language and culture.

These initiatives will help us meet the needs of all students by preventing achievement gaps and supporting con­tinued efforts to align curriculum and instruction while being responsible to our community.