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French Honor Society Welcomes 18 Midlakes Students

photo of french honor society


A ceremony was recently held to induct Middle School students into a group known as Les Jeunes Amis du Français or Young Friends of French, Midlakes chapter of the National French Honor Society.

Midlakes students are eligible for induction by maintaining an average of 90 percent or higher in French and participate in at least one activity that promotes the French language, culture or activity related to a service-learning project. Typically, students help teach French to younger students, organize cultural celebrations, assist UNICEF, and more. The students are taught by Michelle Shenton.

Students participating in the ceremony, include: Brianna Bump, Tianna Crossno, Dominic DeVito, Lilly Helker, Aiden Janas, Tyler Lantrip, Kendall Lawson, Amelia Maslyn, Breanna Plante, Alexis Ridley, Madison Robinette, Ethan Ruggles, Laura Rugiero-Altez, Leia Slack, Nicole Szalay, Branden Tackett, Riley Ward, and Sean White.


photo of french honor society