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Registration Opens For Strength & Conditioning Camp

For the first time, Midlakes Strength & Conditioning will be offering comprehensive Sports Performance training for middle school-aged students! This program is designed to introduce the foundations of functional movement and sports performance with an emphasis on skill development.

»See Promotional Flyer & Registration Sheet

A highly qualified Next Level Strength & Conditioning Coach will provide close guidance to teach developmentally appropriate strength training exercises, sprint technique and other performance-based skills to maximize results and safety. Not only will this program promote improved body awareness and self-esteem, but participants will experience noticeable performance gains due to an increase in functional strength, coordination, balance, speed agility and much more.

Each session will consist of the following:

  • Comprehensive performance prep (mobility, coordination, injury reduction protocols)
  • Power, Speed, Agility component (jump/ med ball training, sprint, and change of direction instruction/ practice)
  • Developmentally appropriate functional strength training (purposeful exercise selection and volume/ intensity with an emphasis on technique)
  • Energy system specific conditioning
  • Team building competitions

The program will be held on Wednesdays from January 22 to March 4 (6-7 p.m., off during February recess) and is open to Midlakes students in grades 5-8. The cost is $60 per student. Checks payable to Next LEvel Strength & Conditioning. For more information, and questions, email: