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Midlakes Introduces Eagle Time


OCT. 15, 2021 — Midlakes Middle/High School has established Eagle Time, a new 15-minute period in the daily schedule to increase student engagement, strengthen school culture, and build student-teacher connections.

Eagle Time was formed after a committee examining a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support explored ways to address students’ academic and social-emotional needs.

“We were talking about what school would be like post-pandemic and how some students may struggle to adapt back to a normal routine and need additional social-emotional support,” said Assistant Principal Jim Giancursio. “We also realized that much of our culture was lost during the last 18 months, and we needed to find a way to bring back the family feel that we pride ourselves in providing. Eagle Time seemed like the most logical way to accomplish both.”

The program builds upon the idea that student success in these areas has the best chance of occurring when students feel connected to caring adults invested in their learning.

Incorporating Eagle Time early during the school day provides students and staff a regular check-in to address student needs and concerns, work on team-building activities, and explore common interests. 

Eagle Time is a component of a district-wide effort to establish a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. The larger effort incorporates evidence-based core instruction, intervention, and assessment practices to help ensure that every student receives the level of support needed to be successful.

“Eagle Time will provide a space for our secondary students to connect with others, something they so desperately need as part of their continued social-emotional development,” said Director of Curriculum and Instruction Michelle Robinette. “We hope Eagle Time will provide students with the opportunity to build deeper relationships with each other as well as Midlakes staff, giving them another avenue for advocating for their social, emotional, and academic needs.”