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Kindergarten Teacher Pens Children’s Book

Debbi Socha book


Debbi Socha never planned to write a book until one sleepless night in the early days of the pandemic when she found herself in the kitchen scribbling away in a notebook.


She wrote a story about a young boy stuck at home, like so many others, during the pandemic wondering "How Much Longer?!" The theme became the title of a 41-page book she authored and distributed with Olympia Publishers ($9.99).


"We were away from school, and I just had this entire story in my head," said Socha, a kindergarten teacher at Midlakes Elementary School. "I couldn’t sleep. I just had to write this down."


She completed the story the next day and found a publishing company and an illustrator to help with the book. Socha hopes her efforts bring about conversations about sometimes difficult situations among adults and children, instead of adults simply dismissing certain topics brought up by children.


Socha dedicated the book to her 19 kindergarten students during the 2019-2020 school year. 


"I want to show that emotions can be a two-way street — adults can have feelings and express them to children and children can express their feelings to adults," she said. "I hope the book initiates conversations in families to help them talk about what they were feeling during the time (we weren't) in school and what could be done better if something similar happens again."


She read the book to her students last year, and they have all taken to it. Some of the other teachers at the elementary school have also shared the book with students.


"I read the book to my class," said Michelle Pettit. "The kids could relate to the story and were excited that it was written by a teacher that they know."


"How Much Longer?! (Instead of Are We There Yet?) was released in June 2021 and is available online at AmazonOlympia Publishers, and elsewhere.