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Dual Participation Approved at Midlakes

Students-athletes can now participate in two separate sports during the same season under a pilot program approved by the Phelps-Clifton Springs Board of Education. 

Midlakes pursued new "dual participation" rules after Section 5 and the Finger Lakes High School Athletic Association left the decision up to local school districts to create guidance to fit the individual needs of its program and student-athletes. 

Student-athletes must fill out a request form from the Athletic Department and designate their primary and secondary sports prior to the start of the first practice. They will be required to meet with coaches, parents and the athletic director and sign a contract. The primary sport will take precedence in deciding all scheduling conflicts.

Participating student-athletes must follow all Code of Conduct and Academic policies, attend a minimum number of practices, and take part in weekly check-ins to monitor for overuse. The athletic director and high school principal have rule on any matters concerning participation. Currently, the program is open to only student-athletes in Grades 9-12.