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Board of Education Celebrates Retirees

SEPT. 21, 2021 — The Board of Education celebrated teachers, nurses, bus drivers, and other staff members who retired during the last two academic years.

School administrators joined the Board on September 20 in congratulating 18 individuals, who worked a combined total of about 510 years, for their dedicated service to Midlakes students and staff  while wishing each the best in retirement.

Each retiree will also receive a plaque from the District marking their service. In addition to hosting an in-person celebration for those retiring during the 2020-2021 academic year, the District also recognized those retiring in 2019-2020 who could not be recognized in-person due to the pandemic.

Those retiring in 2020-2021 included:

  • Peg Carlson, nurse (26 years)
  • Gail Cayer, nurse (25 years)
  • Siobhan Connor, elementary teacher (28 years)
  • Richard Jones, psychologist (28 years)
  • Ann Leverty, secretary (20 years)
  • Lorraine Manning, bus driver (24 years)
  • Mariana McWilliams, bus driver (27 years)
  • Terry Pulcheon, bus driver (26 years)
  • Denise Reynolds, bus driver (24 years)
  • Patricia Teed, bus driver (26 years)

Those retiring in 2019-2020 included:

  • Kammy Catchman, elementary teacher (31 years)
  • Yvonne Cockett, cook manager, (28 years)
  • Bill Johnson, cleaner (40 years)
  • Amy McCann, elementary teacher (17 years)
  • Nancy Plate, secretary (13 years)
  • Roger Spafford, bus mechanic (31 years)
  • Russell Stark, elementary teacher (33 years)
  • Jane Westfall, teaching assistant (21 years)