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Reminder: Policy on Elementary School Costumes

OCT. 18, 2021 — Elementary students will be allowed to dress in costume on Friday, Oct. 29 for Halloween as long as those costumes are school-friendly. All costumes must: 

  • Follow the school dress code.
  • Hats are allowed if it is part of a costume. Students may be asked to remove hats in class. 
  • Costume face masks are not allowed. (Everyone must follow school health and safety protocols). Face painting should be applied at home and should be minimally applied so students are recognizable. 
  • Costumes must be sensitive to other cultures, religions, political views, and others. 
  • Accessories that are deemed dangerous or similar to weapons are not permitted and should be left home. 
  • Costumes must not interfere with the student’s duties and responsibilities at school. Costumes should be comfortable to wear. 

These guidelines are put in place to ensure the safety of all our students. A student may be asked to remove their costume if it is found to be insensitive, offensive, references violence or violent behavior, is sexually explicit or does not follow the school's dress code.