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New Digital Hall Pass System Adopted

SEPT. 12, 2023 — As we continually strive to improve our educational experience for students, staff, and parents/guardians, we are excited to announce a change in the operations of Midlakes Middle/High School with the adoption today of a modern electronic hall pass system from Securly.

The digital E-HallPass system, which has been implemented by other schools in our region, allows us to replace an antiquated paper pass system while helping to keep teachers and staff focused on what’s going on in their classrooms and educating our students.

The digital system allows students to create a pass on their mobile device to obtain a pass to get a drink, visit the nurse’s office, or travel anywhere in the school building during class time. Teachers or school staff then have the opportunity to approve valid pass requests.

The electronic hall pass brings a number of other benefits to our school, which include:

  • Enhanced Security: During an emergency, the electronic hall pass system will help us locate students in our hallways and promptly get them to a safe location.
  • Reduce Classroom Absenteeism: If a student is chronically absent from a classroom for an unexcused reason, the digital system allows our school to set limits on the number of passes a student receives on a given day to help ensure they are learning and not wandering the halls.
  • Parent Engagement: Parents will have access to their child’s hall pass history, allowing for increased transparency.
  • Reduce Disruptions: By limiting the number of students in halls, we can also work to prevent issues among students while reducing the need for students to continually request a hall pass for an invalid reason. 

We believe that the transition to an electronic hall pass system brings added benefits to our school community by helping to keep students focused on learning in the classroom, but we know that change can bring questions and concerns. As always, our school remains committed to responding to individual student needs for a number of reasons as they arise.

We value your feedback and want to help clear up any confusion and misunderstandings about this new system. Please, reach out to me personally with any questions. Together, we can embrace this new tool to help provide the best possible experience for our students.

— Daniel McAlpin, Principal, Midlakes Middle/High School