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Stadium Field to Open Sept.23

SEPT. 13, 2023 — We appreciate your patience and understanding as our Facilities Department, along with our partners on the capital project, continue to complete various aspects of our planned work.

To date, we have opened a new salt barn, a new fueling station, and made important infrastructure improvements to our Transportation Facility, improved parking and traffic flow and made other improvements at Midlakes Elementary School, opened the Midlakes High School Auditorium, opened a new cafeteria for students in Grades 7-8, and have begun opening our re-imagined music wing at the secondary school, among other significant upgrades to our campus. 

While we expect construction work to continue throughout the school year, we are excited to announce that our landscape architects and our sod supplier have given us their assurances that the stadium field is ready and safe for play by our student-athletes on a limited basis for school teams only.

Favorable weather conditions and the tireless work of our Facilities Department, which has been involved in several projects in addition to the capital project, have contributed to this early announcement.

There is still much work to complete to get the field ready for use by our athletic teams and football program, but please circle the date of Saturday, Sept. 23 (7 p.m.), which marks the start of the first game on our “new” field. We invite everyone to come out in full force and show their positive school spirit!

Again, we are excited to make this announcement and appreciate your patience as we continue to complete and open facilities and areas on campus related to the capital project that makes us all proud to be a Midlakes Screaming Eagle!