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Band & Chorus

The Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District has a long history of providing a quality music education to all students in grades K-12 through classroom education, community performances, guest conductor appearances, opportunities with the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA), and much more.

Band and chorus are offered at the elementary, middle, and high school levels with select groups available. The high school also offers Music Theory and Music History/Appreciation. Music instructors meet with students for one-on-one instruction and in small group and ensemble work.

Midlakes students regularly perform at Area All-State, All-County and NYSSMA music festivals, in multiple school and community concerts, and parades and local festivals, and have been accepted into the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

Vocal students have also performed with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra through generous support from the G.W. Lisk Foundation. The band has traveled to Disney World, Williamsburg, VA, and elsewhere, for performances. Many students perform in both the band and chorus, the marching band, and have been joined by the Rochester Brass Quintet as well as other professional musicians, conductors and composers, and Midlakes faculty and school members for performances. 


Why Join?

photo of midlakes student

"I want to be able to keep music in my life and just continue onward with it,"
Nicole, student

photo of midlakes student

"I love it here. I wouldn’t be
here anymore if I didn't like it,"
Jared, student

photo of a midlakes students

"It’s just really cool.
They all want to be there, so the passion is there and it's really neat."

Jennifer, student

photo of a midlakes student

"I just thought it would be really
fun to join band and make music,"
Griffin, student